The below highlights seasons, average temperatures and experiences to be had in Souillac. 

Travel in Springtime
(March, April and May) Average temperatures are 6° - 20°


The springtime offers a truly beautiful Souillac, with flowers a plenty. Revel in exploring the surrounding tourist attractions, chateaus, castles, Michelin star restaurants and markets in pleasant temperatures.


Travel in Summertime
(June, July & August) Average temperature 14° - 28°


In the summertime the streets and laneways of Souillac come alive with Jaz. With music filling the air from the Abbey to the beautiful Dordogne. For lovers of trash and treasure, this is the time of year to visit all the grande vides and brocantes.


Travel in Autumn
(September, October and November) Average Temperature 10° - 20°


The most relaxing time to travel as the tourists have left and life settles down to a natural pace. Perfect time to visit the local distilleries, vineyards and restaurants. If you wish to truly live the French life, this is the ideal season to experience France.


Travel in Winter
(December, January and February) Minimum Temperature 2° - 9°  Maximum Temperature 10° - 19°


Despite being the coldest months of the year, the Souillac markets remain open, with Souillac Summer House facing South the sun still comes streaming through the windows keeping you warm and snug on a cold winters day. Enjoy the fireplace, the local produce, parks and countryside. 


You may be aware that the South West of France is a food lover’s paradise. The restaurants, whether Michelin star or regular, the markets, the seasonal food and even the respect that the French give to all qualities of food, make this an essential place for food lovers to explore at each of the different seasons. 

Stephanie Alexanders awarding winning book 'Cooking and Travelling in South-West France' celebrates the food, wine, history and culture of France’s South-West. It takes you deep into the Dordogne and the Lot exploring the underground caves and the food markets and discovering the land of black truffles, foie gras and confits, prunes, mushrooms, walnuts and chestnuts.

This book won Best French Cuisine book in the World, and Best Cookbook of the year in English at the 2002 World Cookbook Awards in Perigueux France.

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